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Meet the Staff of Evans Auto Sales

Brandon Devine - Customer Service


Brandon was hired in the beginning of 2018 as a full time employee to assist with daily operations. Like Tim, Brandon performs many jobs and is willing, and able to do anything around the car lot to help out!

Repo - Cat


Repo is a stray that wondered up at the car lot and has ever since made it his home. Repo guards the lot day & night against unwanted pests.

Tim Evans - Owner

- EvansAutoSalesOnline@gmail.com

Tim, set out on his own in January of 2013 to start a new adventure. This adventure was Evans Auto Sales. He his very dedicated to helping customers find that one of a kind used car at an unmatched price.

Anna - The Boss


Anna is the most awesome, sweetest, loving person Timothy could ever have as a girl friend. Anna doesn't hold any titles specifically, but if asked to lend a hand, she is always there to support him. It is only fair she is recognized for doing all that she does.

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