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About Evans Auto Sales

Like a lot of small companies there is a great story behind how it was founded. Evans Auto Sales is no exception...

The founder, Tim Evans is no stranger to opening, and running a business. Since the age of 8, Tim's family can remember him always trying to sell something, from rabbits, to gumballs from coin operated machines. Around the age of 14, Tim had given up his efforts on the two startups that helped fund his later ideas. He decided that he wanted to share his love of music by becoming a mobile Disc Jockey. Tim worked exhaustingly to grow Tim's DJ'ing to a locally recognized service. In 2010 when Tim graduated from High School, technology was making a big impact on many industries. iPod's & MP3 players were in nearly every household across America, and thousands of songs could be obtained from online sources for free. Tim quickly realized that the mobile entertainment business was dwindling, and profit margins were going down the drain because people hosting parties could setup a playlist for pennies on the dollar of what they could hire a DJ for. So with technology rapidly becoming affordable, Tim decided it was time for a new venture.

As Tim began to shift his focus from operating his mobile entertainment business to looking for a new startup, he was also enrolled in College. Tim attended a local technical school for a semester and during this semester he decided college was not the path for him. Without a job, and no current mission in mind, Tim went to work for an industrial sales company. He held several positions throughout the company, gaining critical knowledge about a wide variety of products, and also learning the daily operations of a running a local supply store.

Around the summer of 2011 Tim was in the market for a full sized pickup truck to replace his 2000 Chevy S10. After an exhausting search through all of the online classified sites Tim continued to come up empty handed. Nothing was in his price range. After a visit to a local parts store one day, Tim ran into a former customer of Tim's DJ'ing. Through conversation Tim explained to the customer that he was in the market for a new truck. The customer told Tim about an auction that he had been going to, that was open to the public. It was a insurance auction where vehicles had been totaled. After the sale of the S10, Tim decided to give the auction a try. Eventually he found the truck he'd been looking for, bid on it, and won it. After repairing the vehicle, and driving it for a little over a year, he decided to sell the truck. When he sold the truck, he made a hefty profit, and that's where the idea for his next business venture came from.

After many salvage rebuilds, lots of mistakes, and hard lessons learned, Tim decided he wanted to take on this full time and quit his sales job. So that is exactly what he set out to do.

In January of 2013, Tim completes all of the requirements to become a licensed car dealer and opens for business. Tim will tell you, the decision to open his own car dealership was the costliest thing he has ever done in business, and the most stressful. Tim spent months working 70 hour weeks, and making mistakes that cost him thousands. As Tim began to learn a little about the business, he began implementing systems, policies, and procedures to make the way he conducted business more efficient, and standardized.

As 2013 began to come to an end, Tim reviewed the way he had conducted business all year long and made yet more changes to grow the business. He noticed several things, a couple of which were that he was losing a large portion of business because of the limitations of his location, and to customers looking to finance on the lot, so he began searching through lots of lenders, before he started partnering with auto lenders with good reviews, who were fair to both Evans Auto Sales, and his customers.

Today Evans Auto Sales has come a long way from where it first started 9 years ago in a 96 square foot shed that was finished into an office, with no facilities for Tim, nor his customers. Today Tim operates out of a 3000 square foot location with a detail, and mechanic shop. Tim still works at least 60 hour weeks, and has 2 full-time employees. Tim is proud of what he has built and still has a long way to go he says. So if you are in the market for a dependable used vehicle, regardless of your price range, or your financial situation go see what Tim Evans, over at Evans Auto Sales in York, SC can do for you; or give him a call at 803-500-3843.

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