5411 Wylie Avenue Hickory Grove, SC 29717 803-500-3843

Meet the Staff of Evans Auto Sales

Repo - Cat


Repo is a stray that wondered up at the car lot and has ever since made it his home. Repo guards the lot day & night against unwanted pests.

Timothy W. Evans - Owner

803-230-7690 - EvansAutoSalesOnline@gmail.com

Tim, set out on his own in January of 2013 to start a new adventure. This adventure was Evans Auto Sales. He is the heart of the business and holds all titles, and positions currently. He his very dedicated to helping customers find that one of a kind used car at an unmatched price. He is always ready to help and standing by on his cell day, and night at (803) 230 - 7690.

Anna - The boss.


Anna is the most awesome, sweetest, loving person Timothy could ever have as a girl friend. Anna doesn't hold any titles specifically, but if asked to lend a hand, she is always there to support him. It is only fair she is recognized for doing all that she does.